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‘So people who do work out a lot, their muscle isn’t healthy. They look big and strong but it is very tight, which means they’re not going to get much motion.

thrashing – Fonsi Aus Muenchen Schlaegt Sich Selber

While not hostile to LGBTI people, they are against gay adoption (unless the child is homeless or related to one parent). They have frequently stated that ‘Islamization’ of Sweden is a threat to gay people.

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‘I attend Mardi Gras every year now and will continue to do so to be a part of this meaningful event. I always take photos of the floats and the crowds for my parents in China, to show them there is no shame in having a daughter who is in love with another woman. My parents always delight in the photos. Therefore, Ffrom that perspective, Mardi Gras has inspired my family. But I believe it has for many others as well. And allows them to rethink the meaning of acceptance, equality, and love.’

November 13, 2021

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