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I was traveling solo in Montreal the last time. A friend mentioned I’d fall in love with the city and it’d remind me of home, I did and it did. It was such a warm and welcoming place.

Me Being Used As A Punching Bag.

Alongside these superstar voices were nurses and doctors. They shared stories to those on the bus about life on the frontline of the National Health Service.

Making Things Interesting

Angela Collins and Elizabeth Hanson, who live in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, said they thought they had found the perfect match in Donor 9623, who described himself as having an IQ of 160, and claimed to be working towards his Ph.D in neuroscience engineering. The donor also reportedly said his hobbies included ‘crystallography’ and ‘algorithms’ and that he spoke five languages. Collins said she chose the donor because many of his claimed personality traits made her think of her partner, Hanson.

November 13, 2021

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