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Daiel Craig & Zeus Espana

‘When we went to have sex, which was the first time I’d ever had full sex with a man, he pulled out the safer sex pack you get at the bars from [Manchester’s] LGBT Foundation.

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GLAD, a group of pro-LGBTI legal advocates, condemned the violence targeted at this group of individuals. They also urged US Border Patrol to allow these transgender women entry to the country.

Jax Fucks Paul Canon – The Prodigal Stud Returns – DrillMyHole

And I want to do this because I understand if only slightly, what it’s like to be purposefully invisible, to live afraid of being naked and exposed, to believe that only a select part of me is worth sharing. I understand what it’s like to be certain that once I am fully seen that I will be found unloveable, and then the great, life-giving surprise when I am loved still.

November 13, 2021

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