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Ch4rl!three H4rd!ng And M!k3 D0z3r

Apologizing, Damon said: ‘When I was a young comic trying to find my voice, I made some immature and hurtful tweets that I deeply regret at the expense of the LGBTQ community.’

Drae Axtell

Early seasons of the show can now be watched via Netflix, which can be streamed in most countries around the planet. This has brought RuPaul to a global audience previously unheard of for a drag queen.

ManRoyale – Shane Frosts Swallows large Load From Jeremy Stevens

Kicking off at 5pm, the concert will see The X Factor winner Alexandra Burke take the stage. Burke will perform alongside The Diva Dolls, Barbara Bryceland, Gok Wan, David Jackson and more.

November 13, 2021

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