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And when asked by Gays With Kids what he would say to critics of milk sharing, MacDonald replied: ‘They often make the mistake of assuming that formula is neutral and benign…. I think it makes sense for parents to make their own informed decisions under the guidance of health care professionals.’

Michael & Omar

But in the new version of their online ‘frequently asked questions’ no reference to LGBT people is made whatsoever. They now say: ‘We chose the name “Logo” because a logo is an identity and nothing’s more important than having your own, unique identity, and making it work for you.’

Armond acquires Dp

‘But the reality was just the opposite. With LGBTQ and straight peers supporting each other, students blossomed, grew and became more confident—and felt safer at school. I’ve seen GSAs have a positive impact on students’ lives, and having the data back that up was exciting to see.

November 13, 2021

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