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BA– better Than Ever – Jim Durden & Daan Jeffries

Gay Star Business spoke to Geng Le (through a translator) at his hotel room in Los Angeles yesterday. He’d arrived a few hours earlier, along with the lucky couples who will today be ‘married’.

PeterFever – Joseph Banks, Max Konnor & Ray Dexter – Threeway Betrayal

It is distressing when total strangers launch an attack against all those things specifically targeting my kids. That is exactly what author Amber Lee Parker and illustrator Hannah Segura have done with the release of their children’s book God Made Dad and Mom.

Maxi Vs Bobi Bully Wrestle No Sex

But I also don’t identify as femme because I’ve never really belonged to a specific subculture. In high school I was never a goth, or a jock or whatever other category of people existed in. So now that people playing to traditional gender binaries have given me that label is frustrating.

November 13, 2021

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