Tryst – Scene 1

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hensen and rafael carreras

‘At about 6.30am the Residential Unit Manager phoned down to say they were expecting an early morning VIP guest and I was to show them up to the unit in the lift.

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If they live somewhere virulently anti-gay, some will try to move away. Others will not and will learn to live a life in secret or forever denying their true nature. But you pick anywhere in the world – from the planes of Mongolia to the frozen tundra of Greenland – and around 6% of the population discover themselves to be LGBTI.

Worshiping Magnumman 2 (End)

But I like the name ‘Lola’. And changing my name to something gender neutral will not change the way society reads or sees me. In the same way that Jaden is now not referred to with gender neutral pronouns because he wears a skirt. Wearing clothing society doesn’t expect you to based on the gender they read you as doesn’t change the pronouns people refer you by.

November 13, 2021

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